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Our new generation earphones are engineered to give you powerful sound in a lightweight, stable fit.


Our wired and wireless headphones top the list of best products for any situation.

Cradle & speakers

You might be surprised at how wonderful it sounds with our brand new Bluetooth speakers.

From Earphones to Headphones

Earphones, headphones, docking speakers are designed to fit together in a united form. These three products are connectable via Bluetooth. When combining, they work as a single device.

lose yourself in the music

You'll love what you hear, and what you don't


Lose yourself in the music

See how it all fits together




102mm x 23mm x 34mm


Aluminium / Textile / Rubber / Polymer / Foam / Silicone / Nylon


20 - 20,000 Hz

Designed by Minkyo Im

All in one for music

Enduring in use

Enduring quality for music lovers who have exquisite tastes and seek for top-notch devices.

High quality music

High-resolution audio is frequently praised as the best possible way to experience music by listeners.

Our happy clients

Why do people love it?


“Témoignage du fondateur et PDG de la SARL Mybebooda pour laquelle j’ai oeuvré 2 ans : marketing, animation webinaires, technique Learnybox (plateforme e-learning), relation affiliés/partenaires…”

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Philippe de Mybebooda

Designed by Minkyo Im

Headphones to enjoy high quality music.

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